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How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

There are now more states with some form of legalized cannabis than there are without. Some states have legalized cannabis for recreational use, some have legalized for medical use, and some have legalized cannabis for both uses.

Each state has its own unique laws and regulations about the cultivation and number of plants patients can have, as well as how much one person can purchase from a dispensary in one day. Each of these laws and regulations are going to be unique to their individual states, but the way to get your medical cannabis prescription in each state is usually the same.

Do you think you could benefit from medical cannabis, and want to know how to go about getting your prescription card so you can legally go about getting it? Let’s dive into some of the most pertinent information to get you started.

Is it Legal in Your State?

While the chances are high that some form of cannabis is legal in your state, you should still double check on your state’s laws before you get too excited. It is important to remember that there are several states in the country where cannabis is still illegal on every level.

Currently in 2020, there are 11 states where cannabis is legal on a recreational level, and 33 states where it is legal on a medical level. There are still eight states where cannabis is completely outlawed.

To see if your state is on the legal list for recreational or medical, simply look it up on your favorite search engine. If your state is at least able to offer you medical cannabis, you’re ready for the next step.

See If You Have a Qualifying Condition

Every state that offers legal medical cannabis also has a list of qualifying conditions that make patients eligible to be considered for a weed canada prescription. Check lists online to find the qualifying conditions in your state. While some states may differ from each other and offer medical cannabis for folks afflicted by some conditions while others don’t, there are some conditions where it is pretty universal.

  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pains
  • Depression and anxiety

Those are just a few. There is usually a pretty comprehensive list of qualifying conditions available for each state where medical cannabis is legal, and it’s just a web search away. If you deal with one of your state’s qualifying conditions, you’re good to go on the next step.

Visit With Your Doctor

Visit with your doctor and let them know you think you would be a good candidate for medical cannabis. If they have verified that you are afflicted with one of the qualifying conditions and agree that medical cannabis could be beneficial for you, they can write you a recommendation for a medical cannabis card.

Get Approved and Hit the Dispensary!

Once this part is complete, you’ll have to send this in along with a fee (the fee depends on your state) to your state’s medical cannabis approval board. It shouldn’t be too long before you get a decision from them. If approved, your medical cannabis prescription card should be mailed to you in a matter of days, and then you will be free to go to the dispensary and begin enjoying everything that medical cannabis will be able to offer you.